4WD tours

Burralow Creek . The 18 km drive through Burralow Creek from Kurrajong Heights to Bilpin makes a good 4WD excursion off Bell’s Line of Road. A highlight is the tall forest at the Kurrajong Heights end of the trail. Superb specimens of Turpentine (Syncarpia glomulifera) and Smooth-barked Angophora (Angophora costata) tower over a moist understorey with Austral Grass-trees (Xanthorrhoea australis) and ferns.

Mountain Lagoon . From Comleroy Road between Wheeny Creek and Upper Colo, the 4WD Mountain Lagoon trail runs 11.5 km westwards to Mountain Lagoon. From points along the trail, Mount Yengo can be glimpsed away in the north. This trail can make a good circuit from Windsor if linked with the Burralow Creek drive. From Sams Way at Mountain Lagoon, the T3 trail leads 6 km into the bush of Wollemi National Park. The track passes through a rich variety of forest including a rainforest understorey at the head of one gully and, towards the end, massive Red Bloodwoods (Eucalyptus gummifera) with Burrawangs (Macrozamia sp.) and Austral Grass-trees (Xanthorrhoea australis) amongst the sandstone outcrops. From the end of the trail, a short walk onto a rock edge reveals a superb view into the Wollemi Wilderness, with Mount D’Arcy, Island and Parr South being the high points left to right in the middle distance, either side of the deep gorges of Tootie Creek and the Colo. Away in the distance, a few of the high volcanic peaks of north-western Wollemi National Park can be seen on a clear day, along with Mount Yengo in the north.